Welcome from the Terry Family

Welcome from the Terry Family
Hello and welcome to the Brian Terry Foundation home page.  If this is your first visit and would like to know about Brian Terry and the purpose of the Brian Terry Foundation, please read on:

Brian Terry is regarded by many as a modern day American hero who died a tragic death far from his hometown of Flat Rock, Michigan.  Brian knew that his job was full of risk and danger. He and his teammates were well trained and equipped.  They regarded themselves as the tip of the spear that protected our Nation’s border with Mexico.  He died not knowing that that the men who were intent on doing him and his team harm were well armed Mexican narco-terrorists and that they carried assault weapons supplied to them by ATF/DOJ in what has become known as “gun-walking” as part of an investigation named Operation Fast and Furious.

Brian was known to love life. He lived that life to the fullest each and every day. His friends and co-workers saw him as a leader and role model. His family saw him as an inspiration. Brian possessed the great looks of a movie star and the physique of a professional athlete. He also had the charm and easygoing demeanor of the boy next door.  Brian was constantly challenging himself both physically and professionally.  His favorite advice to others was that there were no short cuts to success and that “you must put in the work” to succeed.  Brian’s many successes included being a United States Marine, a local police officer in his home state of Michigan, a United States Border Patrol Agent and one of the Border Patrol’s elite BORTAC team members.  He died in a violent firefight with drug cartel bandits on December 15, 2010 in a dangerous piece of remote desert outside of Rio Rico, Arizona.  Brian and his BORTAC teammates have been nominated for the Congressional Badge of Bravery for their actions. The citation reads as follows:

“The four man element had occupied a remote interdiction site consisting of rugged, steep and difficult terrain for a period of 48 hours without relief. At approximately 11:00p.m. the team was alerted to at least five suspects moving into the interdiction zone. Without regard for individual safety, the small team maneuvered into a position to interdict and apprehend the five individuals passing directly in front of them. As the agents identified themselves, suddenly and without warning, the subjects opened fire on them.  Placing themselves at great risk of serious injury or death, all four agents bravely stood their ground in an attempt to provide vital protection for their teammates.”

Unfortunately for Brian and his teammates, what they did not know was that these five illegal aliens were heavily armed with the latest in military grade assault rifles by way of a flawed ATF/DOJ gun trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious.  Newly emboldened with their high tech armament, the five Mexican drug cartel operatives were more than ready to use those weapons even against U.S. Border Patrol Agents some 18 miles inside of the United States-Mexico border.

“During the short and horrific gun battle, Agent Brian Terry sustained a fatal injury.  Realizing that Agent Terry had been injured, the team, without hesitation, continued to selflessly place themselves in harm’s way by attempting to provide life saving techniques for Agent Terry and providing perimeter security preventing the assailants from maneuvering on their position. One of the suspects was wounded during the incident and was ultimately taken into custody.”

The Brian Terry Foundation was established in June of 2012 by Brian’s family to honor his memory and to create a living legacy in his name.  The foundation will attempt to honor Brian’s work ethic, love of country, and love for his fellow Border Patrol Agents.  It is the foundation’s intention to do that by providing emotional and financial assistance to family members of U.S. Border Patrol Agents killed and injured in the line of duty.  Among other activities, the foundation also intends to provide academic scholarships to those individuals wishing to attend college in pursuit of an education and career in law enforcement.  Furthermore, the foundation will attempt to raise public awareness with regard to the flawed ATF/DOJ gun-walking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious by encouraging the truth and seeking the facts of what lead up to Brian’s death and to hold all those involved in “walking guns” accountable by promoting a message of justice, responsibility and accountability within the federal government.

Again, welcome and thank you for taking a moment to read about Brian; our son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. If you would like to help honor Brian and keep his memory alive, please consider making a donation to the Brian Terry Foundation.


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